How Long Can You Keep A Butt Plug In?

How Long Can You Keep A Butt Plug In?

It may have come to your attention or you may have seen videos of persons wearing princess butt plugs too so many public places which are inclusive of workplaces, schools, shopping malls among many others. It may seem fun at first, but you should take great caution when you think of doing the same, this is because the prolonged usage of butt plugs may be a downside for your health. 

The standard time that is widely accepted that one can wear a butt plug should be not more than 2-3 hours, even if you may think you are as comfortable as you may need to. Your rectum walls and mostly close to your sphincter, are more likely to have reduced blood flow when there is pressure inserted for much longer. This can cause damage to the rectum and you are even likely to get ulcers.

It is an indisputable fact that when you feel pain or experience any type of discomfort when using your glass plug, that you should without delay unplug this. The most unusual thing is that some people go further to the extent of clenching their teeth as they hope for the best, and that magically they would feel okay after some time.

This can be true on some occasions and you may end up feeling better, the sad news is that there can still be damage caused by your butt plug. It may be a likelihood that no critical damage may occur, but it is very important that you always factor in your health at all times.

 hands grasping in pain

There is one area that is between two to three inches deep inside the rectum, this part doe not have the usual pain receptors that are located on other parts of the body, that said, you may think that you are causing no harm because of the lack of pain, but in the real sense, you could be causing distress in this area. This is one of the reasons why you should always stick to the recommended time to keep your plug just to be on the safe side.

If you are looking forward to having an adventure with your butt plug, it is important that you ensure that you will get a place where you can take it off in case you need to and most important after the 2-3 hours are over.  It is also very important to also have another place where you can easily put your butt plug away apart from it being in your butt(no pun intended)  in case you also need to remove it. Always keep in mind that you need to always clean the plug just after use whether you are at home or not. Hygiene with silicone plugs is extremely important. 

All that said, you should not at all costs be discouraged from going with your silver plug out there and having fun. The only thing you should do is plan prior so that you can have room to remove it and clean it in private which is the best way to do it.

It is to be noted that some people have been known to sleep with their butt plugs in place, this is not a good idea in any way and should be avoided at all costs. For the 7 or 8 hours one would spend sleeping, pain receptors are also not working and this leaves you with no way to actually even imagine the depth of the possible damage this could have caused and they can only be able to analyze this when they wake up.

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  • Jeffary

    I have a 5.5 × 3inch plug I use regularly for hours at a time and don’t have any issues

  • Sachin Mishra

    I wears my Butt Plug approx 22 hours daily and did not feels any type discomfort. My Butt Plug is Large with 40 mm Thickness and stainless steel coated with Red Gem. I am addicted with this Plug and feels all day naughty.

  • Emily

    I want to use the plug for a long time or even sleep in it, How can I do this?

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