Can I Make my own Butt Plug?

Can I Make my own Butt Plug?

Butt plugs are one of the most popular sex toys for anal play out there. They are designed to help people enjoy hands-free anal stimulation for an extended period. If you have a prostate gland, butt plugs can stimulate it, and if you have a vagina, a butt plug can produce incredibly pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall. However, getting a new butt plug requires sometimes, but you can safely make some sex toys to achieve orgasm if you have a good knowledge of an art or craft. However, where do you start?

Can You Make Your Own Butt Plug?

Yes, you can make your own butt plug, but it's not without its risks. It’s always recommended to buy a professionally produced butt plug from a reputable vendor if you must have something inside you. You should use your common sense when it comes to making your butt plug, but if you're not careful when making your own butt plug, then you are at risk of:

  • Getting an infection such as a bacterial or yeast
  • Getting yourself injured because of items that aren’t intended to be inserted
  • Getting an item without a proper handle or flared base lost in your rectum

Hence, take your time whenever you want to make your own butt plug, and you could have something safe and beautiful. Rushing or making a hasty decision could land you in pain.

Butt Plug, Or Snack?

There are a fair few fruits that are shaped very similarly to a penis in case you don’t know. People have used cucumbers, courgettes, and even bananas as makeshift butt plugs but the main issue with using fruit in your sensitive areas is how squishy or ripe they are.

You're setting an awful lot of pressure on your anus when inserting things inside you. The sphincter itself is one of the most active muscles in the human body and breaking it would turn into mess inside your bum. It's recommended to use condoms if you're willing to take the plunge with a firm cucumber because you never know how clean the cucumber with all the chemicals and insecticides used during the growth and preservation.


People do use their electric toothbrushes as makeshift butt plugs. Regarding Vibrations, it’s nice, but concerning the shape, it's not the same. The toothbrush base is flat at the end, which means there’s a risk of it tearing the lining of your anus with the pointier edges.

You might end up with blood as well as other dangerous germs on your toothbrush if this happens. We wouldn't advise using your toothbrush as a butt plug, but if you decide to use, it’s important to put a condom on the toothbrush to be 100% clean.

Can A Crafty Type Be Able To Make Something?

You could fashion your own plug to whatever specifications you want if you have a glass blowing or pottery wheel facilities readily available. This could be a quite fun way to get a plug that tickles all the right places if you know what you're doing.

Bear in mind that clay is a porous material and can absorb bacteria from inside your anus, and retain these even after cleaning if you decide to make a butt plug from clay and porous materials. Using a condom with a clay plug is probably for the best because clay can also be quite rough.

Glassblowing, on the other hand, is probably one of the safest ways you can make a custom toy, as long as you are sure that it won't crack or shatter. Glassblowing plugs are also quite smooth and easy to insert.

Vibrating Butt Plug Or Not

Vibration brings new dimensions to anal pleasure. Most butt plug has a hole at the base where you can place a bullet vibrator. Vibrating butt plugs, like the Rimming or Trio plug, have a motor at the edge of the butt plug that can transfer vibration to the prostate gland in men, as well as fornix erogenous zone in women.

However, the big concern is not how to use the butt plug, but keeping a barrier between your toy and you to protect it from bacteria infection and prevent moisture damage is essential.

Other DIY Toys

Once you've got used to butt plug, you are ready to move onto other types sex toys or bigger plugs. Always work your way up with different sizes to avoid injury even though you can now take a slightly larger toy but still use your smaller toy to help yourself warm up. So, what are the other DIY toys out there?

  • Inflatable butt plugs: As described by its name, it’s a butt plug that can be inflated with a hand pump while inside you. These butt plugs allow you to insert a bigger plug that you could have possibly otherwise slid in.
  • Anal beads: This refers to a series of beads that are kept together by a string. This type of toys has a base at the end, so it doesn’t get pushed inside. The main difference between anal beads and butt plugs is the length. Anal beads are long in length so that they can move past your rectum and into your colon.
  • Princess Plugs and Fetish Plugs: These types of butt plug have a base. Princess Plugs have a jewel on the base while Fetish Plugs usually involve tails, such as cat or horse type tails coming out from the base.
  • Anal dildos: You can use any dildo with a flared base anally, but most are for experienced users as they are quite large. However, you can look for small, thin and tapered dildos to start.
  • Rimming Plug: This is a new type of butt plug that offers the sensation of a Rim Job with rotating beads located around the base of the toy. This type of plug also vibrates and is remote controlled, so they’re the perfect option if you’re looking to spend extra money to get something extraordinary.

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