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Exquisite and very spicy decoration, which your partner will appreciate! A beautiful butt plug made of stainless steel with a golden tint is decorated with a brilliant crystal. Pure crystals of different colours shine like a real jewellery. The toy will not only please you with its truly luxurious appearance but also with its functionality. The large head is slightly sharpened, facilitating penetration through the muscular ring of the sphincter. The diameter of the accessory decreases sharply towards the middle. This is made in order to fix the product in one position. It looks like a million, playing bright glare in every ray of light.

Color/Type Golden with colorful jewel plug
Butt plug material Stainless steel
Butt plug dimensions

(S) - D 28mm * 70mm (1.1in * 2.76in)

(M) - D 34mm * 80mm (1.34in * 3.15in)

(L) - D 40mm * 90mm (1.58in * 3.54in)

Handle Material Jewel plate